Reza Arap Returns Doni Salmanan's Rp1 Billion Donation

- 30 March 2022 05:50 WIB
A fan of 100 U.S. Dollars Bills (Unsplash/金 运)
A fan of 100 U.S. Dollars Bills (Unsplash/金 运)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Reza Arap returned Doni Slamanan’s Rp 1 billion donations after being processed in relation to Salmanan’s fraud case. The news came officially from Arap’s own personal Twitter account @yourbae.

"I'm returning the money back," tweeted Arap as quoted by on Monday, March 28, 2022.

He then added how he felt about the donation. He also tweeted about what Salmanan’s donation was used to buy for. He spent the money for his gaming needs and some was donated.

"does 1b rupiah big? not really
am I that rich? no
do I need the money? yes
does it affect my financial? yes
did I used the money? yes
what for? impulsive topup for expensive game n to live
did I donate sum of the money to other ppl in need? yes
full return? yes
why? f*ck that guy," Arap continued.

At the end of the tweet, he uploaded video footage showing Salmanan’s donation to him. The video was taken when Reza Arap was live streaming on his YouTube channel in July 2021.

In the video, Reza Arap asked the donor to stop giving him money. He then made a video phone call to Salmanan. Even then, Reza Arap asked if Doni wanted the money back. However, Doni said he was sincere in making donations.

"always trust my guts even in a situation that gives me rainbow. 10 years in showbiz industry ain't no joke", said Arap ending his tweet.

Previously, the musician and gamer fulfilled the summons of the Criminal Investigation Police as a witness on March 17, 2022.

The article was translated from's article titled "Akhirnya Kembalikan Uang Saweran Doni Salmanan Rp1 Miliar, Reza Arap Ngaku Dipakai untuk Beli Game Mahal".

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