Facts and Chronology on How Nurul Arifin's Daughter Maura Magnalia Was Found, Maid Found Her Cold Body

- 26 January 2022 16:45 WIB
Maura Magnalia Widyaratri.
Maura Magnalia Widyaratri.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Nurul Arifin, a celebrity-turned-politician shed new details about the untimely death of her daughter, Maura Magnalia Madyaratri.

Nurul Arifin and Mayong, her husband, revealed the chronology of the death of their beloved child, Maura Magnalia, who died of a cardiac arrest.

Mayong said both parents did not know that their daughter have a history of serious illness.

They admitted that Maura Magnalia, once experienced stress and was depressed at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maura undertook several consultations with a psychiatrist to treat her psychological condition, accompanied by her mother, Nurul Arifin.

Although it is known that Maura Magnalia had experienced stress and depression, it turned out that both Nurul Arifin and Mayong Suryo did not know or could not detect earlier if their beloved daughter Maura Magnalia, had heart disease.

"History of her illnesses [...] she just had some common adolescence problems, Maura was stressed and depressed (at the beginning of pandemic). We once consulted a psychiatrist, and it turned out that there were some things that we couldn't detect (Maura's heart disease)," Mayong said.

"We didn't even know, we didn't think it could be like this," said Mayong, as quoted from the MOP Channel YouTube channel, which video was uploaded on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

The family household assistant found Maura unconscious at the dining table

The family discovered how their daughter died only after they took her to the Puri Cinere Hospital. The hospital stated that Maura Magnalia had a cardiac arrest. She was then declared dead at 05.30 a.m.

"The cause (of the death) was a cardiac arrest. Earlier we took Maura Magnalia to the hospital (after being found) at 05.00 a.m., and she was declared dead at 05.30 a.m. The doctor said Maura could not be helped," said Mayong Suryo Laksono.

"Maura's (body) was already weak and cold when we took her to the hospital," he continued.

According to Mayong, before Maura Magnalia had a cardiac arrest and died, her health was declining.

She did not sleep the previous day because of stress thinking about her post-graduate graduation at Sydney University in Australia.


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