Nurul Arifin Mourns Daughter's Passing Away: 'Gone too Soon My Angel Maura', Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest?

- 26 January 2022 06:36 WIB
Maura Magnalia and Nurul Arifin  (Instagram na_nurularifin)
Maura Magnalia and Nurul Arifin (Instagram na_nurularifin)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Actress-turned-politician Nurul Arifin is mourning the loss of her daughter Maura Magnalia Madyaratri, who died on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at 05.37 a.m.

News about Nurul Arifin's daughter passed away was conveyed by Nurul's Instagram account.

She wrote a touching message: "Gone too soon my angel Maura. Finally find your peace. Mother, father, and Dimel will always miss you," via her Instagram account @na_nurularifin.

On Nurul's Instagram, she posted a photo of her and her daughter, both wearing white shirts.

Desk Jabar, part of the Pikiran Rakyat Media Network, reported that Maura's death was caused by a cardiac arrest, meaning an unexpected loss in heart function and breathing, which can cause a loss of consciousness in mere moments, and in this case, an untimely death

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Cardiac arrest usually results from an electrical disturbance in the heart. It is not the same as a heart attack. If not treated immediately, cardiac arrests can be more deadly than heart attacks. 

This medical emergency needs immediate CPR or the use of a defibrillator. Hospital care includes drugs, an implantable device, or other procedures.

Maura Magnalia died at the young age of 27. Her household assistant found her on the dining table, unconscious and cold to the touch, according to reports. The family then took Maura to the Puri Cinere hospital where they confirmed that her untimely death was due to a cardiac arrest.

According to Nurul's Instagram, Maura's remains are to be brought to a funeral home at Jl. Ciloto II/25, Puri Cinere, Pangkalan Jati, Depok, before burried.

Maura Magnalia will be buried at San Diego Memorial today.

The article was translated from Desk Jabar, with Indonesian tittle "Maura Magnalia Putri Nurul Arifin dan Mayong Meninggal di Usia Muda. Apa Penyebab ?"

Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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