Erick Thohir Calls on the Media to Improve the Industry's Ecosystem Health

- 15 February 2023 15:48 WIB
The Promedia Seminar Poster.(Promedia)
The Promedia Seminar Poster.(Promedia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - SOE Minister Erick Thohir invited the media to improve the ecosystem in the media industry so that it is healthy.

One indication of the health of the media ecosystem is the large flow of profits directed to domestic industry players.

Currently, the biggest profits in the media industry are still being sucked up by foreign platform owners.

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This was stated by BUMN Minister Erick Thohir when speaking at the Leaders Vision Seminar, Grand Launching of the Promedia Editors Network (JPP) in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

According to Erick, building an ecosystem in an industry is something that has been intensively carried out in Indonesia in recent years.

For example, the electric battery ecosystem previously only relied on the trading of raw minerals in the form of Nickel.

"In the beginning, we were content with USD 1 billion (from trading raw materials) nickel, but now that it has been reduced, the value can reach USD 33 billion," he said.

The media industry too, he said, should do the same thing. Media industry players must sit together with the government to build a strong digital economy ecosystem in the media environment.

"Let's push the digital economy ecosystem with a clear legal umbrella, and side with Indonesia," said Erick.

Indonesia, said Erick, must have the same courage as countries in the world to review digital platform owners who are considered not to be in favor of their national ecosystem. This has been done, among others, by the United States which will review Tik Tok.

"Why can't we? How long will our market be undermined by foreign nations as a big nation," he said.

The existence of foreign platforms must be regulated so that they want to enter as part of Indonesia's digital ecosystem. This is intended, among other things, to maximize job opportunities in the country.

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