The Most Common Form of Intruding Privacy of an Individual in Cyber Space

- 08 December 2022 15:40 WIB
Protect your personal data on the internet (
Protect your personal data on the internet (

3. Oftentimes, we find in WhatsApp groups that someone has added other people to the group without asking permission previously.

4. This causes the person's phone number to circulate without his permission, and that means violating his privacy.

5. Giving a friend's phone number to someone else who asks for it, without first confirming it with the owner of the phone.

6. Distributing personal or family photos on social media without the permission of the owner can also be categorized as an invasion of privacy.

7. Hacking of social media accounts is also common, which is usually followed by data theft and fraud.

8. Social media users are sometimes careless by allowing third-party applications to retrieve data when users use these applications.

These third parties can then take advantage of the access they get to obtain the user's profile information and even the profiles of their friends.

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Maintain privacy on the internet

There are many simple things that we need to pay attention to in order to protect our privacy and that of others on the internet, including:

Do not carelessly upload personal data on social media. Remember, we don't know who can retrieve our data on social media.

Use a strong password for each of our social media accounts.

A good password consists of a variety of letters, numbers, and characters.

Avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as date of birth, spouse's name, school name, and so on.

Also change the password regularly (for example, once every two months).

Always protect the privacy of others. Don't give out people's phone numbers, home addresses or personal data without their permission.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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