The Most Common Form of Intruding Privacy of an Individual in Cyber Space

- 08 December 2022 15:40 WIB
Protect your personal data on the internet (
Protect your personal data on the internet (

JAKARTADAILY.ID - "This is private, you can't talk about it." We may often hear sentences like that delivered around us.

However, what exactly is meant by privacy?

In simple terms, privacy can be referred to as our right to determine whether the personal data we have may be communicated or not to other parties.

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What is meant by personal data?

Then what is meant by personal data? Based on the Personal Data Protection Act (UU PDP), personal data is any data about a person, either identified and/or identifiable separately or combined with other information, either directly or indirectly through electronic and/or non-electronic systems.

What are some examples of this personal data? Anything that can be used to identify us, for example: full name, home address, identity card number, biological mother's name, medical history, telephone number, and so on.

We have power over the personal data that we have, whether we want to share it with others or not.

However, sometimes we share personal data without us knowing it with other parties.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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