Eight Examples of How Your Privacy May Have Been Breached Online

- 08 December 2022 17:05 WIB
immediately protect personal data from cyber attacks (Photo/kominfo.go.id)
immediately protect personal data from cyber attacks (Photo/kominfo.go.id)
  • Do not carelessly upload personal data on social media. Remember, we don't know who can retrieve our data on social media.
  • Use strong passwords for each of our social media accounts.
  • A good password consists of a variety of letters, numbers, and characters.
  • Avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as date of birth, spouse's name, school name, and so on.
  • Also, change the password regularly (eg once every two months).
  • Always protect the privacy of others. Don't give out people's phone numbers, home addresses, or personal data without their permission.
  • Make privacy settings on each of our social media accounts

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Use. Decide who can see our profile and upload

  • Pay attention to all access requested by the application that we install on our cell phones. Do not let the application can access our data which are not required for the use of the application.
  • Enable only the access required for the application to function

This article is part of a series on cybersecurity literacy for internet users in Indonesia.

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