Here Are a Few Things You Can Do to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure

- 08 December 2022 02:32 WIB
Facebook illustration (Photo/Pixabay)
Facebook illustration (Photo/Pixabay)

It's best to delete and not open links from people you don't know. Because this is often used as a mode for sending spyware and malware that can break into your account.

5. Be careful using WiFi in public places.

Do not carelessly connect your gadget to WiFi in any place. WiFi is often used to break into your personal data.

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6. Use a secure and recognized network.

If in a public place, always use WiFi that is safe and easy to identify, such as offices and other places. Don't connect your device to unknown WiFi.

7. Understand the permissions requested by each app.

Remove apps you don't need to protect your account, and don't install unknown apps or apps from unknown sources.

Protect yourself from suspicious messages and content, it can prevent Phishing and other malware.


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Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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