Internet Safety Tips For Everyone Who Spends Time Online

- 08 December 2022 02:31 WIB
Illustration of safe internet tips from BSSN. (Photo/Pixabay)
Illustration of safe internet tips from BSSN. (Photo/Pixabay)


JAKARTADAILY.ID –  The progress of the digital world and the internet is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can make all work easier.

However, on the other hand, our data is increasingly threatened because it is prone to hacking and data leakage, which can be exploited by irresponsible persons.

In order to be able to surf the internet safely, Spokesperson for Cyber ​​and State Cryptography (BSSN) Ariandi Putra shared some tips that can be applied.

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1. Think before you accept a request

First, check the profile of the person who sent you a friend request and find out who they are. Remember, some people like to pretend they are someone else, and sometimes it's hard to know if they are telling the truth or not.

“Don't feel pressured to accept friend requests from strangers. Double-check your privacy settings so that people you don't know can't get the information you don't want them to know," said the BSSN spokesperson.

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2. Think before you send something


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