Youtube Security Guide: Repairing Hacked Accounts, If You Still Can or Can't log in, Do This:

- 07 December 2022 13:54 WIB
YouTube Logo. (Photo/[Freepik]
YouTube Logo. (Photo/[Freepik]

1. Create strong and secure passwords

A strong password helps you keep your personal information secure and prevent others from accessing your account.

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2. Create a strong, complex password: Use 8 characters or more. It can be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

3. Create a unique password: Don't use your YouTube account password on other sites. If another site gets hacked, that password can be used to log into your YouTube account.

4. Avoid using personal information and common words: Do not use personal information such as your date of birth, common words such as “password”, or common patterns such as “1234”

5. Protect your password from hackers

Get notified when you enter your password on non-Google sites by turning on Password Alert for Chrome. For example, you'll get a notification if you enter your password on a site that impersonates Google, then you can change your YouTube account password.

6. Manage your passwords

Password managers can help you create and manage strong and unique passwords. Try using a password manager from Chrome or another trusted password manager provider.

Tip: To find out if passwords stored in your Google Account may be exposed, weak, or reused for multiple accounts, use Password Checkup.

7. Never share your login info

Don't give out your password. YouTube will never ask for your password in an email, message or phone call. YouTube will never submit a form requesting personal information such as identification numbers, financial data or passwords

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Perform routine safety checks


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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