Youtube Security Guide: Repairing Hacked Accounts, If You Still Can or Can't log in, Do This:

- 07 December 2022 13:54 WIB
YouTube Logo. (Photo/[Freepik]
YouTube Logo. (Photo/[Freepik]

JAKARTADAILY.ID – This article contains a cybersecurity guide for the YouTube platform, including how to fix a hacked account with two possibilities, namely you can still log in or you can no longer log in to your account.

Previously, if you noticed any of the following, your Google account may have been hacked, hijacked, or compromised:

1. Changes you didn't make

2. There are differences in the profile picture, description, email settings, AdSense association, or messages sent.

3. Uploaded videos that are not yours

4. Someone has posted a video that appears to be from your Google Account.

5. You may also receive email notifications about this video regarding penalties or strikes for bad content.

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If you can still Sign in to your Google account


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