BSSN and the Ministry of Transportation Launch IAS-CSIRT to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Indonesian Aviation

- 02 December 2022 15:29 WIB
BSSN and the Ministry of Transportation Launch IAS-CSIRT. (Photo/ BSSN)
BSSN and the Ministry of Transportation Launch IAS-CSIRT. (Photo/ BSSN)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Ministry of Transportation inaugurated the Indonesian Aviation Sector Computer Security Incident Response Team (IAS-CSIRT). The formation of the IAS-CSIRT is the result of cooperation between the Director General of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Transportation and the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN).

"Currently, the use of internet-based information and communication technology is a necessity to be applied in various fields of life, including the aviation sector," said the Deputy for Cybersecurity and Economic Cryptography of the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency Markos during the inauguration of the IAS-CSIRT in Jakarta, Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Markos said that now various business lines in the aviation sector, such as flight operations, ground services, communication-navigation and surveillance, airport infrastructure, and air traffic management, to supply chain have used and can even be said to be dependent on cyber technology.

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"IAS-CSIRT is expected to be able to anticipate system vulnerabilities and opportunities to be exploited by bad actors so that the risk of cyber incident threats in the aviation sector can be prevented. So I really appreciate the existence of this cyber incident response team," said Markos.

Markos said he was proud of the establishment of the IAS-CSIRT as the first in Indonesia after the issuance of Presidential Regulation Number 82 of 2022 concerning the Protection of Vital Information Infrastructure (IIV).

"The establishment of the CSIRT is a priority for sector IIV because it manages various strategic information assets that are related not only to the survival of the community but also to national stability and sovereignty," said Markos.

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Markos then explained that CSIRT also proactively published information on vulnerabilities, security, and technology trends. In order for CSIRT to be ready to face various escalating challenges, CSIRT members must also carry out quality improvements in the form of participating in cyber drills, training, and workshops.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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