BSSN Introduces Local Cyber ​​Security Service Products at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo and Forum

- 10 November 2022 18:03 WIB
Guests visiting the BSSN booth at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo and Forum. (Photo/BSSN)
Guests visiting the BSSN booth at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo and Forum. (Photo/BSSN)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Indonesian National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) introduced cybersecurity service products made by Indonesian at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo and Forum in Jakarta, on November 2-5, 2022.

This is part of the Agency's efforts in increasing cybersecurity awareness and literacy among state institutions and the Indonesian educational system with the #JagaRuangSiber (#SafeguardingCyberspace) campaign.

BSSN also provided education related to official education in state institutions to cyber security literacy with the theme #JagaRuangSiber.

In a written statement from BSSN dated November 4, 2022, on its official website (, the services presented by BSSN at the exhibition include Honeynet and Electronic Certificates.

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At this exhibition, visitors can see, explore and get various information about Honeynet and Honeypot, a malware detection device called Honeypot which was developed by the Directorate of Cybersecurity Operations BSSN together with the Indonesia Honeynet Project.

The Honeypot works as a replica of a system, which is designed to provide the same interaction with the real system, so that identity data, techniques, and attack patterns can be recorded/tabulated by the device without being noticed by attackers.

The tabulation of this information will be useful as material for reviewing decision-making and strengthening cyber security policies.

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Another independent product introduced by BSSN in the exhibition is the Electronic Certification Center (BSrE) electronic certificate service.

Visitors get various information about electronic certificates, ranging from the issuance, management, and application of electronic certificates, as well as the preparation and integration of systems and monitoring techniques.

In addition to service products, BSSN also provides various information about official schools organized by BSSN, Cyber, ​​and State Crypto Polytechnic, ranging from registration information, and academic curriculum to various existing facilities.

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BSSN also held various information related to the national movement for the #JagaRuangSiber literacy campaign which was carried out in various regions in collaboration with communities, educational institutions, and various other entities. In the Indo Defense 2022 event, BSSN is supported by Huawei Indonesia.


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