BSSN Collaborates with BRIN on Cyber Security, Establishes a Computer Security Incident Response Team

- 10 November 2022 16:07 WIB
Representatives from the National Cyber and Crypto Agency and BRIN taking a picture together symbolizing the partnership. (Photo/BRIN)
Representatives from the National Cyber and Crypto Agency and BRIN taking a picture together symbolizing the partnership. (Photo/BRIN)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesian National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN), together with the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) formed the BRIN-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), a cyber-incident response team to create cyber-resilience and security in Indonesia.

The BRIN-CSIRT was launched by the Head of BSSN Hinsa Siburian and the Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko at Sari Pacific Thamrin, Jakarta, Monday, October 31, 2022.

Hinsa said that results showed that the cyber security maturity index of BRIN reached 3.90 or almost at level 4. This means that cyber security has been managed well.

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Furthermore, he said that BRIN has made efforts to protect electronic systems from attacks such as DDOS, SQL injection, and malware by implementing firewalls and network intrusion detection systems.

"We really appreciate these various security measures. Coupled with the formation of a cybersecurity incident response team named BRIN-CSIRT, this is a strategic step in an effort to maintain cyberspace within BRIN," said Hinsa, as quoted from a press statement from the Legal and Legal Bureau of BSSN Public Communication.

On this occasion, Hinsa said the formation of 121 CSIRTs was a Strategic Priority Project in the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) for 2020-2024 as mandated by Presidential Regulation Number 18 of 2020 concerning the RPJMN.

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Hinsa added that in 2021 the plan for the formation of 10 CSIRTs will be added so that the target for the formation of CSIRTs in 2020-2024 will be 131 CSIRTs.

"BRIN-CSIRT is the 87th Organizational CSIRT that has been registered with BSSN with registration number 108/CSIRT.01.01/BSSN/10/2022," said Hinsa, as reported by

He added that BRIN, as a strategic institution in the field of research and innovation through the use and development of the latest technology, needs to pay attention to the security aspects of the organization's digital transformation and its services.

"The existence of the BRIN-CSIRT is expected to improve the readiness of governance, personnel, and infrastructure in dealing with cyber incidents, namely minimizing the impact and accelerating the recovery of cyber incidents," said Hinsa.

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Hinsa said that the success of forming and launching a cyber incident response team should not be considered as a final effort in preparing for cyber attack incident management.


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