APJII DKI Jakarta Fortifies Connections at the Bali Annual Telkom International Conference

- 27 September 2022 13:02 WIB
Members of APJII Jakarta pose behind the BATIC conference logo. (APJII)
Members of APJII Jakarta pose behind the BATIC conference logo. (APJII)

JAKARTADAILY – Chairman of the DKI Jakarta Chapter of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association, or APJII, Tedi Supardi Muslih expressed his appreciation for the Bali Annual Telkom International Conference, or BATIC, which was hosted in Nusa Dua, Bali, from September 20 to September 23, 2022.

"This is very important for APJII members, considering that this activity involves 600 participants from 200 companies from various countries," said Tedi in Jakarta on Saturday, September 24, 2022. 

Therefore, Tedi brought all the administrators of the DKI Jakarta APJII region to the BATIC event titled "Reconnecting Regions, Reviving Digital Ecosystem" to explore various experiences and global insights as well as establish partnerships with major international players in the telecommunications industry in particular.

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At this event, APJII DKI Jakarta also introduced and encouraged the IPV6 Internet eXchange community, namely BatIX V6 (Batavia Internet eXchange V6) BatIXClub.id.

"After that, we will organize an event as a follow-up to the activities we participated in to seek new opportunities for all members of APJII DKI Jakarta," he said.

Organizers say that the BATIC event also serves as a means for all APJII Regional Chairmen between Java and Bali to meet and stay connected. 

"This activity has two objectives, firstly as the youngest regional administrator (only formed at the end of 2021), you have to learn a lot from seniors, secondly to explore a number of potentials for the development of APJII DKI Jakarta, which is narrowed down to the concept of the Digital Ecosystem which has indeed been announced by the General Chair of APJII, said Tedi.

Present at the BATIC event were APJII Regional Offices from Banten APJII Regional Offices, West Java APJII Regional Government Officials, Central Java Regional APJII Regional Government Officials, Yogyakarta APJII Regional Regional Administrators, East Java Regional Regional Representatives, and Bali APJII Regional Offices.


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