Head of the Presidential Secretariat Doubts Bjorka's Claims

- 13 September 2022 12:21 WIB
One of the many alleged Twitter accounts of the hacker Bjorka. (Twitter screenshot)
One of the many alleged Twitter accounts of the hacker Bjorka. (Twitter screenshot)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Head of the Indonesian Presidential Secretariat (Kasetpres) Heru Budi Hartono doubts that hackers are able to hack President Joko Widodo's data. Heru believes that this is because the security of Jokowi's letters is very layered.

"I'm sure It can’t be. Because I know that, even if it could be hacked, it would go to the initial window, and the initial window has a lot of fences, something like that," said Heru to reporters at the Presidential Palace Complex, Central Jakarta, Monday, September 12, 2022.

According to Heru, if any data was hacked, it would only be on the outside. He believes a number of ministries and institutions have performed their functions to secure government data.

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"Even if it can be entered, it can only be included in the table of contents," said Heru.

Responding to the alleged data leak, Heru explained that all related parties had held a meeting to anticipate hacker attacks. Cybersecurity is further strengthened.

"The meeting was held this afternoon and this morning related to cyber security," he said.

Previously, the issue of state data leakage was widely discussed by netizens after the Bjorka hacker claimed to have had letters addressed to President Jokowi. This news is widely discussed on Twitter.

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