Netcore Cloud Announces Strategic Partnership with Itemku, an Indonesian Gaming Voucher Marketplace

- 24 August 2022 17:52 WIB
A screenshot of the website.
A screenshot of the website.


JAKARTADAILY.ID - Netcore Cloud, a tech marketing company based in India announced its strategic partnership with Itemku a gaming voucher marketplace based in Indonesia to grow monthly active users and drive higher conversion and user engagement.

In a statement sent to earlier this month, Netcore said this collaboration is set to provide Itemku access to Netcore Cloud’s comprehensive customer engagement module, which includes App Push, In-App, Journeys, and other Analytics features.

Since its establishment in 2014, Itemku specializes in offering virtual gaming items and is the biggest digital marketplace in the Indonesian online game community it claims that its "itemku Safe Trading" feature provides an absolute guarantee of security, ensuring its customers’ ease and comfort in their transactions.

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Acknowledging the importance of personalization in the experience journey of customers, Itemku has collaborated with Netcore Cloud to enhance personalization and customer experience in tailoring their offerings and making them more relevant to its consumer base.

"It gives us immense pleasure to be associated with Indonesia's biggest online game community. With this association, we will be empowering Itemku with the CE module for elevating their customer experience, therefore driving higher conversion, increasing monthly active user and engagement, and resulting in overall business growth," said Siddhesh Sawant, Regional Vice President of Netcore Cloud Indonesia in the statement.

"We are quite confident that our partnership with Itemku will further elevate the customer experience that they offer and boost their overall aspiration for success."

Sandhi Ahsani Taqwim, Marketing Team Lead, Five Jack, Parent Company of Itemku also made a comment.

"Thanks to Netcore Cloud now, we will now be able to make hyper-personalized campaigns for our users, since we are also aiming to make each campaign more special and personal. By using Netcore, we could increase the user open rate by 66 percent, as well as increase the conversion rate by 34 percent, and maintain the retention of our users, keeping it at 35 percent," Sandhi said.

"Moreover, with each of the features, we are able to do various experiments to effectively enhance our best  CRM practices in Itemku through user journeys, single broadcasts, and in-app messages,” he said.

According to Netcore Cloud’s internal research, push notifications have proven to help retain 30 times more users. The feature is automated on the platform to enhance user engagement with personalized content and to re-engage dormant users by sending targeted, geolocation-based, context-specific notifications to the right audiences in real-time, boosting the platform’s user engagement and adoption.

"After implementing the module, our gross sales have grown in significant digits. We have witnessed an increase of 66 percent in users’ open rate, 34 percent in conversion rate, and 35 percent in retention, bringing us an additional 50 percent in revenue.

These numbers indicate Netcore Cloud’s customer engagement solution effectively navigates our CRM practices in a better direction, allowing Itemku to nurture the relationships with our users and driving higher close rates overall,” Sandhi added.


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