What Are Tokopedia's Best Selling Items in the Electronic Product Category? Here Are the Trends

- 24 August 2022 18:06 WIB
Illustration. A phone with the Tokopedia marketplace app. (Photo courtesy of Tokopedia)
Illustration. A phone with the Tokopedia marketplace app. (Photo courtesy of Tokopedia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Tokopedia, an Indonesian e-commerce platform, unveiled data about its best-selling items in electronic product subcategories throughout the first half of 2022 (H1 2022).

Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, the Head of External Communications at the Indonesian unicorn company said in the first half of 2022, Electronic product subcategories such as Lamps, Computer Accessories and Laptops, and Audio were the most popular subcategories on the e-commerce platform. 

Tokopedia, which claims to have created a 'Super Ecosystem' where anyone can start and find anything said among the best-selling items in these subcategories throughout the first half of the year including earphones, speakers, audio cables and connectors, light bulbs, flashlights, decorative lights, computer mouse, laptop adapters, and laptop desks.

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Additionally, a number of electronic products such as TV signal boosters, digital frames, camera cleaners, memory cards, and front panel cables saw the highest increase in transactions during the first half of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021.

"One of those products even saw its transactions spiked 13 times higher," the e-commerce company said in a statement last month.

These trends were influenced by several campaigns powered by Tokopedia’s Hyperlocal initiative, such as Tokopedia Tekno, which showcases a wide range of curated tech products at affordable prices, Super Gadget Day, where people can find an array of unique gadgets, and Mega Electrodeals, which offers a selection of electronic products.

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"Tokopedia is home to around 12 million sellers, almost 100 percent of which are local MSMEs, including many sellers of electronic products. As an Indonesian technology company, we strive to give sellers the most effective commerce platform by connecting them with the nearest buyers, through the Hyperlocal initiative that leverages geo-tagging technology," Wijaya added.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara

Source: Tokopedia


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