Kaabaverse Collaborates with RansVerse to Offer a Virtual Hajj and Umra Experience

- 03 August 2022 11:39 WIB
Photo courtesy of kaaba.co.id
Photo courtesy of kaaba.co.id

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Kaabaverse, a metaverse platform headquartered in Bandung that offers virtual umra and hajj experiences announced its collaboration with RansVerse, Indonesia's first metaverse technology platform. 

In a statement sent to JakartaDaily.id, the collaboration aims to offer a new experience to Kaabaverse's users through the VCGamers blockchain ecosystem.

Kaabaverse is the first Indonesian company to secure international awards from the Global Islamic Economy Summit and Islamic Creative Economy Competition in 2018 in Dubai, Middle East.

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According to the statement, Kaabaverse aims to build a 3D model of the Kaaba for people to visit virtually.

Gerryadi Agusta, the Co-Founder & CEO Kaabaverse said through the collaboration with RansVerse, the platform can offer simulations of the sacred place for Muslims virtually.

"This will give new experiences for hajj simulation so that it motivates the Muslims to do the rituals (by visiting Macca)," he said.

He said this new method is expected to become a game changer for how people learn about Islam in a fun way and modern way.

"We believe RansVerse is one of the best partners so that this good intention can be experienced by the Muslims all over the world," said Gerryadi.

Wafa Taftazani, the Co-Founder & Chairman VCGamers, which runs RansVerse said his party is proud to have the opportunity to offer virtual umra and hajj simulations.

RansVerse is a collaborative project between VCGamers, RANS Entertainment, ShintaVR, and UpBanx.

RansVerse is Indonesia's first metaverse project in Indonesia that uses blockchain infrastructure using the $VCG tokens as its exchange. 

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VCGamers is the pioneer of the web-3 ecosystem for gamers in Indonesia that connects the real world and the digital world through blockchain technology.


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