Introducing Kokikan, a Digital Platform Connecting Home Cooks to Customers

- 27 July 2022 12:52 WIB
Kokikan's promotional poster.  (Photo courtesy of Kokikan)
Kokikan's promotional poster. (Photo courtesy of Kokikan)

Kokikan does not charge a fee if there is no transaction. And if there’s a transaction, Kokikan only charges platform fees per transaction. Kokikan also does not set daily or
monthly targets for cooks.

Here are some various benefits of being a Cook at Kokikan, according to the platform.

1. Flexible time for Cook to sell

One of the main problems that prevent people to sell food is that they don't have
time. With Kokikan you can sell whenever you want. Housewives, office employees, or
those who are already in the culinary business. With the flexible system provided by
Kokikan, anyone can join to be a Cook and sell whenever they can.

2. Free registration fee

Kokikan does not charge a registration fee. So, anyone can join Kokikan as a Cook
or User. Just download the application and verify the data.

3. Food variety

At Kokikan, besides being able to sell at any time, Cook can also sell anything, as
long as it's their homemade food. And the menu will change every day.

Kokikan Academy Kokikan provides training for Cooks on the Kokikan Academy feature in the Kokikan app. Cook can learn from cooking preparation to how to sell.

So even if you are not very skillful, or want to learn more about cooking and selling food, Kokikan can provide education through the Kokikan Academy featureKokikan also does not forget the benefits for the Users such as not being burdened with delivery fees or parking fees. Food safety is guaranteed, because it is not the same as the purchasing system in a restaurant, at Kokikan Users will know directly who is cooking their dishes.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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