Berkela Startup Becomes First Winner of Spark 2022 Hackathon Festival Renewable Energy Program

- 13 June 2022 15:18 WIB
Winners of the Spark 2022 Heckathon Festival Renewable Energy (RE) Program. (photo/ [RE]Spark 2022)
Winners of the Spark 2022 Heckathon Festival Renewable Energy (RE) Program. (photo/ [RE]Spark 2022)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Berkela startups participate in the Spark 2022 Hackathon Festival Renewable Energy (RE) Program.

Hackathon is a competition for the development of innovation and startup businesses in finding solutions to climate problems.

(RE) Spark 2022 is hosted by New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia and supported by the IKEA Foundation.

Of the 10 finalists, Berkela managed to become the champion of choice for the judges.

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The Program Director of New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia, Stanley Ng, who is also one of the judges for the Hackathon, said that the entire team of finalists had great potential.

“The ten teams have tremendous potential. With hard work and the right support, the ideas and prototypes they present can become real businesses," he said in a press release.

“For this reason, New Energy Nexus organizes this activity to support startup ideas and innovations to become successful businesses in the future. We believe that the success of innovators and startups is our collective success,” said Stanley.

Following are the profiles of the 3 Winners of the Spark 2022 Hackathon Festival of Renewable Energy (RE) Program;

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  • First Place - Berkela, get a prize of Rp 50 million

Creating a platform that connects users (industry & buildings) with relevant information, solution providers (products, services, financiers), and resources (tools).

Berkela is here to provide solutions, to make energy use more efficient so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase productivity, and create a healthy business climate between energy efficiency service providers and consumers.

  • Second Place - WAUS Energy, get a prize of Rp 30 million

Innovation in processing plastic waste and using cooking oil into biosynthetic fuel for cooking. The intended target market is MSMEs in the culinary field, with the benefits derived from reducing cooking costs.

WAUS Energy is aware of a large amount of used cooking oil waste and plastic waste that has the potential to pollute the environment, as well as the lack of alternative fuels other than LPG gas/kerosene.


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