Revisiting the Relationship Between Public Relations and SEO in the Internet Age

- 09 June 2022 20:06 WIB
Illustration for SEO (Pixabay/geralt)
Illustration for SEO (Pixabay/geralt)

JAKARTADAILY.ID It is always relevant to revisit how the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works in tandem with public relations to build and manage content and information in the internet age of today.

These two elements may help to narrow the gap in tackling the different aspects of generating results whether for a marketing strategy or public communication in general.

To this end, it will be a better and more logical reality to bring them together to achieve the expected ROI by integrating the technical side of digital marketing and tasks and responsibilities that will augment each other.

It is the goal of the corporate or organizational entities that will align SEO and Public Relations to make a greater impact on branding.

Awareness, Exposure, and Branding at First Glance

A common notion among market researchers is that the consumer or audience may have a preference or tendency when it comes to choosing between an unrecognized brand or product, with a recognizable one.

Naturally, people are more inclined to choose a product they are more familiar with. This familiarity can be built through exposure over an amount of time. When the product is discovered and recognized by the would-be consumer, that recognition will come with the recognition of the product's purpose, brand, and even uniqueness.

The role of public relations in building this recognition is to bring the brand or product into the media through a meaningful representation, in events, campaigns, and experimental marketing.

When paired with SEOs, companies are able to bring their products to the headlines and front page of search results in real-time as people search for the brand, solutions, and innovations that the product may offer.

Managing Online Brands

How a brand or product is perceived by the public is very likely to determine the success or otherwise failure of that brand. This is where public relations have an important role in crafting content and messages that help build a positive reputation for the company and the brand.

Should a scenario arise where a brand or a company's reputation is compromised, the first thing people will search for is the brand or company name, which might detriment the company's reputation.

When this happens, damage control will be necessary and will take time to balance out information in order to counter the negative press and even suppress it to the next page of search results.

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