This Website Allows You to Calculate How Much Income TikTok Influencers Get per Video

- 01 March 2022 11:06 WIB
TikTok App (Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)
TikTok App (Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - This here is an easy way to check the income of your TikTok account, other TikTokers, or influencers by using the TikTok 2022 calculator site called Exolyt.

Exolyt is a TikTok income calculator website built to help you calculate the approximate income of a TikTok account. Exolyt is easy and quick, with just one click.

How do you withdraw the income through Exolyt? You can find out how to use the website below.

Every account must have collected a different amount of income since it depends on the number of people watching their TikToks. Their income could be US$50 thousand (Rp 719.80 million) or even US$150 thousand (Rp 2.16 billion).

Here is how to check your TikTok income through Exolyt.

  • Visit the Exolyte website here.
  • Enter the username of the TikTok account you want to check.
  • Click "calculate earnings".
  • Approve all terms of service.
  • The analysis report will turn up, showing the approximate income of every video.

That's how you can check the income of a TikTok account using Exolyt. Go ahead and give it a try.

The article was translated from's article titled "Link Exolyt Kalkulator Uang Tiktok 2022, Cara Mudah Cek Penghasilan Akun TikTok Para Influencer".

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Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: Pikiran Rakyat


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