Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina Becomes the Latest Couple to Invest in Future Tech and NFTs

- 14 February 2022 12:22 WIB
Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina's turn to announce their entry into the future business, namely building a virtual metaverse world.
Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina's turn to announce their entry into the future business, namely building a virtual metaverse world.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are the latest Indonesian celebrity couple to invest in future tech.

The couple recently announced that they will be building a metaverse world by collaborating with several companies, namely ShintaVR, VCGamers, UpBanx, and their own company Rans Entertainment.

"Wait for the update from the RansVerse project, the result of collaboration between ShintaVR, VCGamers, UpBanx, and Rans Animation," said Raffi and Nagita in their Instagram account, @raffinagita1717 and quoted on Monday, February 14.

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Raffi and Nagita asked their fans to stay tuned for updates on their VR project, which they are calling RansVerse. 

According to their post on Instagram, RansVerse will contain various maps, costumes, and characters that people will be able to interact with, and more importantly buy because all of the content will also be NFTs.

"(Does) anyone want to buy land near Raffi (and) Nagita's house?" they teased on their upload.

Raffi's upload - Nagita is complemented by an animated snippet showing the contents of RansVerse. Ranging from crowds of people in the form of very simple and generic avatars to virtual city maps.

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The main company that they are collaborating with to bring RansVerse into meta-reality is Shinta VR, a VR company with the motto "The Most Impactful Immersive Company in Indonesia." 

Meanwhile, UpBanx calls itself the next generation of financial technology platforms for Creators and brand holders. "We will help you manage money, get financing, develop financial partnerships, to launch digital assets," he said on their website.

Meanwhile, VCGamers Indonesia, calls itself an E-commerce website. The company also mentions that anything related to games can contact them.

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Previously, the WIR Group led by Michael Budi has been mentioned as the company that will introduce the Indonesian version of Metaverse. They will be given the opportunity at the G20 Indonesia Presidency to explain the concept of Metaverse Indonesia in 2022.


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