How To Use and Browse Privately with DuckDuckGo On iOS: Enter Your Apple ID Password and Do This

- 09 February 2022 15:12 WIB
DuckDuckGo can protect your privacy while searching the web.  ((Unsplash/ Dawit))
DuckDuckGo can protect your privacy while searching the web. ((Unsplash/ Dawit))

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Apple recently started to require the tech giant Google to provide privacy labels for each app that collects and uses the data from the users.

After a while, Google finally released how much data the company gathered from the users. Privacy-focused internet search engine DuckDuckGo then took advantage of it by highlighting another option for search engines, which considers the users' privacy as the main priority.

"After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome and the Google app. No wonder they wanted to hide it," DuckDuckGo tweeted.

"Spying on users has nothing to do with building a great web browser or search engine. We would know (our app is both in one)," the tweet continues.

While some users are okay with Google collecting their data to enhance and improve the surfing experience, it is worth noting that many users tilt heavily into private browsing.

With this awareness, DuckDuckGo's popularity has surged recently. The latest report in June 2021 revealed that it earned more than 50 million app downloads and a 55% traffic increase in the past year.

Browsing privately with DuckDuckGo on iOs
If you are an iOS user and want to browse privately or simply want to try to do so, here is how you can get DuckDuckGo into your iPhones.

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To get started, go to the App Store and search for "DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser," then install it by tapping the "Get" button.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari

Source: CNET


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