Increase Your Productivity on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr Through Microblogging

- 03 February 2022 03:36 WIB
Twitter is a platform for microblogging.  ((Unsplash/Alexander Shatov))
Twitter is a platform for microblogging. ((Unsplash/Alexander Shatov))

JAKARTADAILY.ID – With the rise of microblogging, it has become more prevalent than ever. If you wonder what it is and how to do it, this article will help you get started and make it work for you.

Unlike traditional blogs, microblogs are focused on a specific topic. Instead of taking thousands of words to create a detailed and accurate view of a topic, they are usually brief.

The platform does not restrict the exact word limits of a single post. Instead, it's about writing a short and shareable post.

Due to the nature of microblogging, it is allowed to include both images and videos. Some platforms even dedicate entire sections to multimedia blogs.

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Platforms for microblogging

Traditional blogging is done on various platforms. Some of these include Facebook, WordPress, and Tumblr. When it comes to microblogging, there are a few good options.

1. Twitter

Although Twitter is the most restrictive platform with only 280 characters permitted, it allows plenty of features, such as GIFs and videos.

The platform features a variety of statements that can appeal to both the audience and celebrities. Its small character limit makes it very easy to write and post. Twitter is handy for keeping up with news and trends. It can be effortless to establish an update on products or community building.

2. Tumblr

Although it is similar to Twitter, Tumblr has a more community-oriented approach. Tumblr is a place where creative ideas can come. Its content is more visual than text, and written blogs are also popular.

In contrast to Twitter, Tumblr does not come with a character limit. Instead, you can write up to thousands of words if you like. It may sound like Tumblr does not suit microblogging, but, in reality, most of the posts do not go to that extent.

3. Instagram


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