Never Miss a Special Birthday with Snapchat's Birthday Mini Feature

- 03 February 2022 02:36 WIB
You can now send birthday greetings to your Snapchat friends. (Unsplash/Thought Catalog)
You can now send birthday greetings to your Snapchat friends. (Unsplash/Thought Catalog)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Snapchat's new feature called "Birthday Mini" allows users to send and receive birthday greetings from their friends and family. Also, it will give them the ability to set reminders for their birthdays.

From now on, people's upcoming and recent birthdays will be shown in the app based on the Zodiac signs. The feature is somewhat similar to Facebook's birthday notification.

The feature also allows users to "clock" their birthdays right down to the second. It is suggested that those who made their birthdays visible on the app will be included in the Mini.

The feature will not disclose the users' age or date of birth to their friend list to protect some sensitive information. So, it will only be visible for themselves.

The feature does not have a region limitation, so it can be used globally. Here is how to use it.

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Open your Snapchat app on your Android or iOS devices. Second, select any chat and tap the rocket icon to find the Mini feature. Third, go to the search bar and find "Birthdays Mini". From there on, you can send a birthday card or greetings to the chat room you selected in step two.

The Minis and Games section of the app is available for free. These add fun and unique features to the platform. Additionally, you can now play mini-games from Snapchat's Minis features. You can play Ludo Club, Snake Squad, Tiny Royale, Word Blitz, Super Snappy Bowling, Prediction Master, Headspace, and many more.

Instead of mere fun games, Snap refers to Minis as bit-sized utilities that help people socialize with friends.

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