3 Tips To Enhance Your Zoom Experience

- 02 February 2022 02:02 WIB
It's easy to add your pronouns to your Zoom account. (Unsplash/visuals)
It's easy to add your pronouns to your Zoom account. (Unsplash/visuals)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The popular video chat app, Zoom, attracts millions of users. Despite the number of security issues that plagued it, it has now added various new features that will help prepare for the future.

Whether you're a seasoned user or a new user, several tricks and tips will help you get the most out of your video chat experience.

1. Change your background
By customizing the background of your video chat, you can transport yourself to a faraway place or even to the beach. To change your background, go to Settings > Virtual Background. Under this sub-setting, you can choose the backgrounds provided by Zoom or upload your custom background. But your device must meet the minimum specifications to run this feature.

2. Change your display name
You can change your name to appear when you join a meeting or group. There are two ways to do it: temporary or permanent. If you only want to change your display name when joining a meeting, go to the Participants button at the bottom of the screen, find your name, then select More > Rename. You can type your new display name, and the other meeting participants will see the effect after you click "OK."

To change your display name permanently, go to the Zoom web portal and sign in. Then go to Profile. In the top right corner, click Edit and enter the name you want to use. Afterward, save the changes, and your new display name will appear as a default when you join a meeting. You can still change it for any meetings you'd like by following the first step.

3. Add your pronouns
Creating pronouns is a simple and effective way to make the platform more gender-inclusive for people with different identities. Like changing your name, adding your pronouns on Zoom will automatically appear on the platform when you join a meeting.

Adding pronouns can be done by following the same step as changing your display name, whether permanently or temporarily. You will find a "Pronouns" field under your Display Name.

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