Indications Of A Virus-infected Computer

- 28 January 2022 13:58 WIB
Are you sure that your PC is virus-free? (Unsplash/Michael Geiger)
Are you sure that your PC is virus-free? (Unsplash/Michael Geiger)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Computer viruses can cause various problems, such as causing your machine to crash. They can also corrupt data on your hard drive or turn it into a useless brick.

No one wants to own a virus-infected computer. To avoid getting infected, install a good antivirus program. Doing so will help keep you from getting caught up in a few common traps. If your computer has been infected, your antivirus program will notify you about the latest virus updates.

However, what if the program is already deactivated? There are some signs that indicate that the virus has already started affecting your machine.

Some infections can also cause unstable computers. They can mess with the files that keep your system running properly. If your system crashes when trying to open a specific application, this could result from a virus.

If your system seems to run sluggishly, it might also be the result of a virus. Viruses can drain your machine's processing resources.

Other indicators that point to a virus infection include the inability to access specific files and programs. This is a common sign that something is not right with your machine. Even though it's not clear if the issue is caused by a virus, it can still suggest something is wrong.

If some of the files' sizes fluctuate even if you're not actively accessing them, this could also be a sign of a virus infection.

Despite what you might think, computer viruses are only one of the many causes of problems that can affect your system.

Apart from installing a robust antivirus, do not download a file from shady websites to keep your computer virus-free.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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