Gift Ideas for Children to Foster Their Creativity

- 28 January 2022 13:48 WIB
The new gen are digital natives, but don't just randomly throw gadgets at them. (Unsplash/Jelleke Vanooteghem)
The new gen are digital natives, but don't just randomly throw gadgets at them. (Unsplash/Jelleke Vanooteghem)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Gift-giving can sometimes be a little bit daunting, even more so when it comes to gifting children. As parents, we can not always give them toys and call it a day. Sometimes we want to give them something that suits their talents and maybe develop a little bit of their creativity.

In this modern age, we might be inclined to give them gadgets, but what are some gadgets that we can give to our children that can foster their creativity instead of dulling them?

Here are a few ideas for gifts that you can give to your children to foster their creative instincts:

1. A Tablet/Drawing Tablet

For those with children who are artistically inclined, an iPad, Samsung Tablet, or a drawing tablet might be just the right gift to set your kids on the right path and foster their drawing talents. 

2. A Digital Camera

Artistic talent does not need to be limited to drawing, but can also be applied to photography. A few decades ago, digital cameras were expensive, complicated, and finicky, hardly something you would consider for your children. But nowadays, cameras are cheap, sturdy, and simple, take the GoPro for instance, your kids can take these anywhere and record their day and activities.

3. A Musical Instrument

Technology has reached a point where most musical instruments can be plugged into the PC and be used to record music directly without the need for an amplifier. Furthermore, there are dozens of music recording and music mixing applications that can be downloaded for free to record and mix your own music. 


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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