PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Expands Electric Vehicle Production in Partnership with Tri Sakti

- 17 July 2023 16:19 WIB
Illustrations. A row of Tesla Charging Stations. (Prormetheus/Unsplash)
Illustrations. A row of Tesla Charging Stations. (Prormetheus/Unsplash)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas, a subsidiary of Bakrie Group, is making significant strides in expanding its business operations. In conjunction with PT Tri Sakti under PT VKTR Sakti Industries, the company is spearheading the establishment of assembly factories for electric buses and trucks in Magelang, Central Java. This groundbreaking venture sees PT VKTR Sakti Industries collaborating with the renowned Chinese construction company, Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE Corp).

The envisioned factory will boast extensive facilities, encompassing 1.8 hectares of buildings within a total area of 4.05 hectares. Its production capacity is set to reach an impressive 1500 units per year, translating to 6 units assembled each day during its initial phase. The multifaceted facility will be equipped to handle a diverse range of tasks, from chassis assembly and cabin assembly to painting, general assembly, trimming, debugging, rectification for body and function tests, rear truck body assembly, and final audit and testing.

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In an official statement made on July 11, 2023, VKTR's CEO, Gilarsi W. Setijono, expressed the company's earnest commitment to support the government's ambitious Net Zero Emission program set to be achieved by 2060. Setijono emphasized that PT VKTR Sakti Industries is resolute in gradually elevating local content to an impressive 80%.

Already demonstrating tangible progress, Gilarsi revealed that the existing facility is poised for production, with the initial batch of BYD electric buses, in collaboration with local carrosserie, nearing finalization. The expansion initiative is geared towards bolstering the facility's overall capacity, and Gilarsi hinted at the possibility of further capacity additions and facility extensions to accommodate the burgeoning production volumes.

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Founder of Tri Sakti, Widodo, expressed immense pride in the collaboration, expressing gratitude for their involvement in this extraordinary project. He deemed it a momentous leap forward for their organization and a meaningful contribution to Indonesia. Highlighting the significance of this venture, Widodo underscored their commitment to producing environmentally friendly vehicles and bolstering the government's efforts to promote electric vehicle usage across Indonesia.

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk. (VKTR) is an industry-leading company at the forefront of developing the electric vehicle ecosystem for the heavy mobility segment in Indonesia. Their collaboration with BYD Auto, the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, is a testament to their dedication. Presently, VKTR is commencing its factory expansion through a strategic partnership with Tri Sakti, with a focus on producing cutting-edge electric buses and trucks, further cementing their role as pioneers in the electric vehicle domain within Indonesia.

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