Website Rankings Revealed: The 50 Most Visited Sites in the World According to SimilarWeb and Google

- 14 June 2023 17:10 WIB
Illustration. A person browsing the internet.
Illustration. A person browsing the internet.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The following is the data on the 50 most visited websites in the world, which shows the changes in the rankings of the largest sites in the world.

According to SimilarWeb data,, which provides search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising, remains in the top position (ranked #1).

Google's search engine provides information from all over the world, not limited to specific language or country. In addition to these services, Google also offers email accounts, web browsers, productivity software, mobile applications, mapping tools, e-books, video services, and other services.

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The list of the most visited websites in the world can be found on the next page. If you are looking for the most visited sites, read this article in full. Please note that the list below is not about the most attractive websites, but the most visited websites, based on SimilarWeb data, a market intelligence platform that provides comprehensive data related to website and mobile application traffic across all industries and various countries.

Returning to the list of most visited websites, the top 9 positions remain stable with Google search engine (#1), YouTube online video platform (#2), Facebook social media platform (#3), Twitter (#4), and Instagram (#5).

Apart from Google, it turns out that the search engine from China, (#6), also secures a position in the top 10.

At positions #7 and #8, there are the Wikipedia encyclopedia site and the search engine from Russia.

Interestingly,, an internet service portal that combines search engines with website directories, email providers, and other services, still holds the #9 spot.

The WhatsApp chat service platform (#10) managed to overtake the adult site (#11), pushing it out of the top 10 league.

Where does TikTok rank? It turns out that TikTok remains stable at #15.

There is something interesting: has climbed 5 positions to reach #18.

And where is Netflix positioned? The video-on-demand platform is at #24, followed by VK, Russia's largest social networking site, at #25.

For more details, here are the 50 most visited websites in the world in May 2023.


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