Rising Indonesian Artist Raissa Anggiani Thrives with Spotify RADAR Indonesia, Inspiring the 2023 Class

- 22 May 2023 00:10 WIB
A photo from Raissa Anggiani's official Instagram account.
A photo from Raissa Anggiani's official Instagram account.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Raissa Anggiani, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, has quickly captivated listeners in Indonesia with her enchanting music. Her unique blend of flowing folk-pop and bedroom-pop has garnered a dedicated fan base, with hit tracks like "Kau Rumahku" and the duet "if you could see me cryin' in my room" featuring Indonesian pop artist Arash Buana.

The breakthrough for Raissa came in 2022 when she joined RADAR, Spotify's renowned program that promotes emerging artists on a global scale. Since being featured in RADAR marketing and receiving on-platform support, Raissa has experienced an astounding surge in popularity.

Her monthly listeners have increased by 151%, her followers on her artist page have grown by an impressive 629%, and her streams have skyrocketed by a remarkable 790% over the past year.

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"RADAR is an essential program for us at Spotify. We are committed to supporting artists at every stage of their careers, and RADAR serves as a platform to showcase emerging talents," stated Kossy Ng, Head of Music Spotify Asia. "Raissa's success is a shining example of how this program benefits local artists. We couldn't be prouder of her achievements."

Raissa's talent was acknowledged by Spotify when she was featured on RADAR Indonesia's 2022 playlist and selected for the #RamadandiSpotify campaign.

Furthermore, she was chosen as an EQUAL Ambassador, a prestigious role that offers valuable resources and opportunities to female artists.

"It feels incredible to be in this position, especially considering that I'm still new to the industry. Spotify has played a pivotal role in shaping my music career and has shown me that achieving big dreams is possible for anyone," expressed Raissa.

"RADAR has opened doors to countless opportunities, including being chosen as the EQUAL Indonesia Ambassador. I can confidently say that RADAR has boosted my confidence in my own potential," she added.

One of Raissa's most successful songs, "Kau Rumahku," has secured a spot on Spotify Indonesia's Top 10 Weekly Chart for an impressive 24 consecutive weeks, accumulating over 96 million global streams.*

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Currently, Raissa is working on a highly anticipated mini-album and collaborating with renowned producers, all while maintaining a strong connection with her fans through her dreamy melodies.

Raissa Anggiani's rise to prominence serves as an inspiration to the emerging artists of the 2023 class, demonstrating that talent, hard work, and the right platform can lead to incredible success.

With her distinctive sound and promising trajectory, Raissa is undoubtedly a rising star in the Indonesian music scene, leaving her mark and captivating audiences worldwide.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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