Users Can Now Play Multiplayer Games with Friends on Facebook Messenger Video Calls

- 07 April 2023 14:42 WIB
Illustration. Facebook Messenger logo/icon.
Illustration. Facebook Messenger logo/icon.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Facebook Messenger has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to engage in multiplayer games while on a video call. This means users can now enjoy their favorite games while on a video call with their friends and loved ones using Messenger.

The feature promises to be an exciting experience, especially for those who enjoy multitasking or easily get bored during conversations. Playing games together can be an enjoyable activity, and it can also remind users of the experience of playing multiplayer games in the past.

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Facebook Gaming is a game platform that enables users to discover, view, and participate in a wide range of games on multiple devices.

This platform has a vast selection of games, including popular genres like action, adventure, sports, and puzzles, as well as live streaming of games by top gamers and influencers.

Users can interact with other gamers, establish communities, and join groups based on gaming preferences. Facebook Gaming also features in-app purchases, live chat, and gift-giving to enhance the gaming experience.

The best part is that users don't need to install anything to access this feature. Facebook Gaming has 14 free-to-play games available on iOS, Android, and the web, including Card Wars by Bombay Play, Exploding Kittens by Coatsink, Mini Golf FRVR by FRVR, and Words With Friends by Zynga.

While most games support two players, the number of players varies for each game. To start playing games on Facebook Gaming, users can simply tap the "Group Mode" button in the center of their Messenger call and then tap the "Play" button to get started.

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This new feature is a welcome move by Facebook, especially since they announced in 2017 that they would no longer support their desktop games platform, which included popular games like Farmville and Mafia Wars.

The company is now focusing on mobile games, which they see as having greater growth potential. Facebook still supports mobile games and has expanded its platform to include cloud games.

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