H3C Establishing a Solid Foundation: Reviving Cloud & AI native to Accelerate Digital Innovation

- 01 March 2023 16:55 WIB
Presentation of H3C Establishing a Solid Foundation: Rreviving Cloud & AI native to Accelerate Digital Innovation at H3T International Summit, Bali. (Photo/JD/rahmat)
Presentation of H3C Establishing a Solid Foundation: Rreviving Cloud & AI native to Accelerate Digital Innovation at H3T International Summit, Bali. (Photo/JD/rahmat)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – In 2022, H3C rolled out its international business strategy focusing on building a healthy ecosystem and offering scenario-based solutions. This year, H3C upgraded the strategy to localization, “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

There are three main axes in the strategy of localization, firstly, to build the localized technology innovation capabilities, Secondly, to enhance the localized talents empowerment, and Thirdly, to build a localized ecosystem.

Among the three main axes of H3C's digital localization path, technology innovation is given a higher priority.

At the H3C NAVIGATE 2023 International Business Summit, in Bali Indonesia, Steven Yoe, co-president, CTO, and Chairman of Technical Committees at H3C, launched the 2023 technology strategy encompassing four innovative H3C Digital Solution Platforms — Cloud & AI Platform, Digital Infrastructure, Active Security, and Unified O&M.

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Yoe said that H3C is committed to strengthening its capabilities of technical infrastructure and joining hands with partners to deliver adaptable and scenario-based solutions to meet the needs of local customers.

At the conference, H3C, based on its “Cloud & AI Native” strategy, also released its new flagship products and solutions for 2023, including the H3C distributed cloud platform CloudOS, computing management platforms, new series of UniServer G6 servers, H3C AD-NET 6.0+ solutions, a full range of switches, routers, and Wi-Fi 7 products, as well as a full line of smart home networking products, 8K MagicHub, and enterprise-class laptops and desktops, to further enhance its full stack of products and solutions.

Among them, cloud computing and AI are at the core of digital technology. James Chen, Senior Vice President, Executive President of Cloud and AI Business Group of H3C, said that H3C's cloud and AI solutions have been applied across multiple industries globally. “Sticking to the ‘Cloud & AI Native’ strategy, H3C will continue to deliver one-stop Cloud & AI solutions to the local markets and drive the digital transformation of local enterprises and organizations.”

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In addition, creating localized innovation capabilities in the digital age is another crucial step in the digital transformation process. Li Li, Vice President and Chief Scientist of H3C, introduced that in order to better integrate H3C’s products and solutions with the industry capabilities of local partners and jointly provide customers with more customized solutions, we also plan to launch the digital innovation platform named DI.Lab in the overseas market.

Li added that H3C DI.Lab is a one-stop solution platform serving as a joint innovation center to develop competitive solutions, a solution integration center to develop, test, and verify the solutions and ensure the delivery quality, a talents empowerment center to provide hands-on training and remote testing, and an experience center to observe the scenario-based solutions and latest technologies. So far H3C has set up 6 DI.Lab in China with a strong track record, and will cover over 20 countries by 2025. (***)

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