The Scope of Digital Marketing in Indonesia: The Importance of Social Media Monitoring

Suksmajati Kumara
- 28 February 2023 22:07 WIB
Illustration. Facebook page of an entrepreneur's social media on desktop and mobile. (Unsplash)
Illustration. Facebook page of an entrepreneur's social media on desktop and mobile. (Unsplash)


 JAKARTADAILY.ID - With a large number of internet users in Indonesia, digital marketing sets forward to be the strategy for many companies. To improve enterprise-level digital marketing efforts, using social media monitoring services has become a vital issue. This practice is believed to enhance various digital marketing actions for companies.

One of the widely recognized and visible social media monitoring services in Indonesia is provided by a media monitoring agency. Many businesses and industries have acknowledged the crucial role of social media monitoring in their marketing strategies. Therefore, numerous companies have entrusted their marketing efforts to professionals who specialize in this type of analytical tool as products and services.

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Even so in Indonesia, many regional-level governments and companies are catching up with this trend, which has resulted in select few companies offering their services. Therefore, choosing a local service provider may prove to be more beneficial as it enables a better understanding of the local language and culture. Nevertheless, selecting the right service provider requires some processes and steps to be taken, and the following tips may be helpful.

Firstly, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive and accurate analysis of social media trends. When choosing a social media monitoring service, one is presented with many providers that offer different types of services. Some companies are more proficient in monitoring social media platforms, while others specialize in online news monitoring. Choosing a company that can use social media analytics tools effectively is more beneficial than one that specializes in a particular platform. This way, one can obtain various data and analyses that are more insightful. Later, it is crucial to verify the accuracy of the data provided by the monitoring service and meaningful for business implementation.

Secondly, it is recommended to listen to the people from the company to qualify and quantify through direct consultations and agreements. Investing in technological service products is different from investing in physical products. Once negotiations with a service provider are completed, one should receive various services offered in accordance with the agreed timeline.

It is important to ensure that the duration of the contract is appropriate for the company's needs, ranging from a weekly basis to three months to one year. It is crucial to determine the exact services that will be provided during the contract period. One should not come in a long-term contract more than the necessity. Additionally, customer service and maintenance are crucial aspects to consider. The company's point of contact should be easily accessible in case of any issues. Conveniently, there shall be shared or custom dashboards for timely and constant monitoring by companies as clients.

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Lastly, it is recommended to check references to select a reliable service provider. Referral sources are crucial in determining the performance of a company. Therefore, it is essential to collect as much information as possible regarding the service provider. Do not hesitate to ask for client reviews and feedback on the company's initial cooperation.

In conclusion, social media monitoring services are crucial for effective digital marketing strategies. Therefore, it is essential to choose a responsive and reliable service provider. By following the tips outlined above, companies can select the most suitable social media monitoring service that aligns with their specific needs.

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