Local MSMEs Chosen as Official Souvenir Suppliers for the G20 Summit

- 31 October 2022 16:20 WIB
Wooden radio Souvenir for the G20 Summit. (Photo/ faber instrument indonesia)
Wooden radio Souvenir for the G20 Summit. (Photo/ faber instrument indonesia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium (Kemenkop UKM) has designated around 20 MSMEs as official merchandisers for the G20 Summit Conference in Bali which will take place on November 15 to November 16, 2022.

Those who were selected were the result of the curation of 1,024 MSMEs conducted by the Kemenkop UKM with Smesco and consisted of MSMEs in the handicraft sector (creative economy), fashion, food, cosmetics, to wellness.

EthneeQ from PT Lima Menara Sejahtera and Faber Instrument Indonesia were among those selected as official merchandise suppliers.

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Both of them have interesting stories about their experiences when participating in the selection, from preparation to the process of working on their products at the G20 Bali Summit event.

EthneeQ's Co-Founder, Nadia Aqmarina said, Garjita's Mini Purse is one of the official merchandise for the G20 which is an EthneeQ production from PT Lima Menara Sejahtera.

Using burlap or jute as raw material, paired with Balinese endek fabrics makes Garjita very elegant. A combination that has an interesting story to produce an elegantly styled product, called "Garjita."

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Garjita was made after the EthneeQ team saw endek weavers in Klungkung Bali who were almost crippled by the pandemic. From here, EthneeQ acted to collaborate and campaign for endek clothes typical of Bali.

EthneeQ started its business activities at the end of 2019 by only selling according to buyer orders. On January 2020 EthneeQ launched its first product “Akusara,” a jute bag with carved leather ornaments. The word "Akusara" means success.

Since launching Akusara, EthneeQ has returned to its tactics. In addition to strengthening the company's focus in the fashion bag sector, it also provides a year to learn many things by joining the business incubation program by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

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“We think that it is impossible for a business to be validated by the market that quickly. And we estimate that for a year we will improve and prepare everything, we just started seriously in selling in 2021," said Nadia as reported by the ministry of tourism.go.id, Saturday, October 22, 2022.

After graduating from business incubation, EthneeQ does not necessarily boost production. March 2021 they chose empowerment activities. Still, with support from the Ministry of Industry, this MSME trained 25 tailors, and housewives who are members of the Bali Loves Handmade community. These 25 additional human resources support production, including preparations for the upcoming G20 event in November.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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