SOE Minister Erick Thohir Pushes State-Lender BNI to Assist MSMEs to Compete Globally

- 15 July 2022 18:11 WIB
Indonesian SEO's Minister Erick Thohir said BNI carries out a noble task, becoming a bank from Indonesia with global capacity. (Photo/BNI)
Indonesian SEO's Minister Erick Thohir said BNI carries out a noble task, becoming a bank from Indonesia with global capacity. (Photo/BNI)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) is expected to become a bank with a global capacity that is able to assist MSME owners, and Indonesian migrant workers.

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir said that BNI had a noble task, namely to become a bank from Indonesia that is present globally. Overseas networks that have been built are now re-enhanced to support economic growth, not only domestically, but globally.

He hopes that BNI will continue to improve service quality, human resource capabilities, and competitiveness, especially in competing with global-class banks.

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"We hope that BNI will also continue to encourage MSMEs to advance to international standards, as well as take care of migrant workers who are development agents, job opportunities, and the diaspora who spearhead the entry of Indonesian products abroad," he said, quoted from the official BNI website, Thursday, July 14, 2022.

BNI Leaps Higher

Meanwhile, BNI President Commissioner Agus Dermawan Wintarto Martowardojo said that the company continues to focus on making positive leaps and comprehensive transformations with the best energy, resources, and capabilities.

"With the spirit of synergizing, collaborating, and contributing, BNI is able to make a leap and become a leader of financial institutions that is calculated and the pride of this country as history has carved the name of BNI in the Indonesian banking world," he said.

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Regarding achievements, Agus explained that until March 2022, BNI's financial performance continued to improve. Net profit was recorded at Rp 4.3 trillion, growing by 84 percent YoY.

Net profit growth was supported by NII which grew 2.3 percent YoY, fee-based income grew 18.8 percent YoY, and the achievement of loan recovery of 103.5 percent, so operating income before reserves or PPOP grew 11 percent YoY.

Meanwhile, with efforts to improve credit quality through monitoring, handling, and effective policies, BNI was also able to record good credit quality.

"We also noted that in the March 2022 period, total assets grew 8.1 percent YoY, credit grew 5.9 percent YoY, and Third Party Funds were able to grow up to 8.4 percent, but still managed to reduce the cost of funds at level 1. 46 percent which is the lowest position in recent years," he said.

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On the same occasion, BNI's President Director Royke Tumilaar emphasized that since its establishment, BNI has been actively involved in the development of the Indonesian economy. BNI is also able to develop its international business in various countries, becoming a global market bridge for Indonesia.


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