Together with BNI, 'Abah Eje' Builds Rural Economy in Tasikmalaya Through Mendong Craft

- 03 July 2022 07:34 WIB
Abah Eje and his neighbors who work in his mendong craft workshop. (Photo/Jakartadaily/dede)
Abah Eje and his neighbors who work in his mendong craft workshop. (Photo/Jakartadaily/dede)

Almost all economic sectors have felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Abah Eje's mendong craft is no exception. Not surprisingly, during the pandemic, many orders from various countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and Korea were canceled.

The reason is the delay in the logistics sector because people have to not work and have to stay at home. At this difficult time, banking assistance came.

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Abah Eje said that he began to obtain loan facilities at PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk or BNI in August 2020. The facilities provided were in the form of micro-credit program Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR). BNI provides a KUR loan of 500 million.

"Thank God, after receiving KUR assistance from BNI, my business was able to move better, because there were additional funds and the process was very easy and fast, the interest was also very low," he said.

Eje is one of many MSMEs that continue to collaborate with BNI to advance class. Upgrading in this regard is being able to Go Global.

On various occasions, BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar said, the Company is currently focusing on creating a productive ecosystem in developing the MSME segment. These MSME debtors are combined with an ecosystem that is related to similar business actors so that they can support each other's performance growth.

By optimizing the network of Overseas Branch Offices (KCLN), BNI continues to boost MSME market penetration in the international market. As is known, BNI KCLN has branches in 6 (six) global economic centers, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York, and Seoul, and the newest is Amsterdam.

"BNI KCLN plays an important role in providing advisory services related to market insight and local regulations such as custom & tax, providing promotional space facilities, as well as providing special financing schemes for Indonesian business actors ranging from corporate, medium, and small scales to be able to penetrate the global market, " he said.

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Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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