Together with BNI, 'Abah Eje' Builds Rural Economy in Tasikmalaya Through Mendong Craft

- 03 July 2022 07:34 WIB
Abah Eje and his neighbors who work in his mendong craft workshop. (Photo/Jakartadaily/dede)
Abah Eje and his neighbors who work in his mendong craft workshop. (Photo/Jakartadaily/dede)

The hallmark of Mendong Abah Eje's craft products is a different and more attractive design. Call it, a mirror that actually looks more aesthetic when wrapped with mendong.

Until now, CV. Mendong Jaya has successfully produced more than 100 types of handicraft products. These include handicrafts furnishing & hospitality, sandals, placemats, trays, tissue boxes, decorative boxes, dust bins, and furniture products.

According to him, mendong handicraft products such as shopping bags are in great demand abroad. Because people are used to using products that are "sustainable".

“Mendong shopping bag products are like plastic bags for them, they used them every day. Because of that, the demand for mendong handicraft products is certain to remain," he explained.

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Eje said, for the local market, his mendong handicraft products were ordered by many star hotels in Indonesia, especially in the Bali area. Until now there are 10-star hotels that he supplies the needs of hospitality products there.

“Mendong handicraft products in the form of sandals are the most ordered. In addition, there are also orders for the decorative needs of luxury hotels. We even have our products ordered by star hotels in tourist locations, the Maldives,” he explained.

Abah Eje admitted that recently his party has exported mendong handicraft products to South Korea. Products exported include hotel sandals.

"Last month we just sent an order for goods to be exported to South Korea. Yesterday it was only one container,” he admitted.

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