Together with BNI, 'Abah Eje' Builds Rural Economy in Tasikmalaya Through Mendong Craft

- 03 July 2022 07:34 WIB
Abah Eje and his neighbors who work in his mendong craft workshop. (Photo/Jakartadaily/dede)
Abah Eje and his neighbors who work in his mendong craft workshop. (Photo/Jakartadaily/dede)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Mendong mat craft has been attached to Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java. However, in Zainal Muttaqin's hands, the owner of CV Mendong Jaya, Mendong's handicrafts have gone global to Europe, the United States, and countries in East Asia, namely Japan and South Korea.

Thanks to the creativity and perseverance of the Zainal Muttaqin who is often called "Abah Eje," from 1995 until now, high-quality mendong handicraft products such as home decorations, hospitality, stationary, and hotel accessories exist in the global market.

For the people around Pagergunung Village, which is the location of Abah Eje's workshop, the mendong plant that used to grow wild in the rice fields has now become a source of livelihood.

How could it not be, Abah Eje's workshop requires at least one ton of mendong per month, where the entire supply is met by local farmers. A blessing in itself for the people of Kampung Pagergunung.

The mendong plant produced by Abah Eje is not only intended for the development of agricultural land but is also of great benefit to improving the economy and welfare of the people of Pagergunung Village.

Because in his workshop, from its inception until now he has consistently empowered the surrounding community to produce various kinds of mendong handicraft products such as coloring, assembling, to packaging ready-to-export products.

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In addition to the workshop, Abah Eje also involved the local community to work on orders for mendong crafts at their respective homes. In fact, CV Mendong Jaya does not hesitate to provide assistance with traditional looms to the community to produce mendong handicraft products with high artistic value.

“Currently we have given 100 looms to villagers who are partnering with CV. Mendong Jaya. If there are many orders, we can employ more than 400 residents around the village. They take raw materials from the warehouse and work on them in their homes,” said Abah Eje.

The hallmark of Mendong Abah Eje's craft products is a different and more attractive design. Call it, a mirror that actually looks more aesthetic when wrapped with mendong.

Until now, CV. Mendong Jaya has successfully produced more than 100 types of handicraft products. These include handicrafts furnishing & hospitality, sandals, placemats, trays, tissue boxes, decorative boxes, dust bins, and furniture products.

According to him, mendong handicraft products such as shopping bags are in great demand abroad. Because people are used to using products that are "sustainable".

“Mendong shopping bag products are like plastic bags for them, they used them every day. Because of that, the demand for mendong handicraft products is certain to remain," he explained.

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Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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