Customs and Excise Take Collaborative Steps to Empower MSMEs

- 08 June 2022 16:36 WIB
Customs and Excise Take Collaborative Steps to Empower MSMEs. (photo/
Customs and Excise Take Collaborative Steps to Empower MSMEs. (photo/

In Central Kalimantan, Sampit Customs and Excise also coordinates with the Office of Cooperatives, MSMEs, Trade, and Industry of Katingan Regency. This is an effort of Sampit Customs and Excise to build synergies with other agencies in encouraging the export potential of MSMEs in Katingan Regency.

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Meanwhile, in East Java, Kediri Customs and Excise received a visit from the Department of Cooperatives and Micro Enterprises of Kediri Regency in order to coordinate discussing joint efforts to support the realization of exports by MSMEs in the Kediri Regency area.

Data from the Ministry of Cooperative SMEs in 2019 shows that the business structure in Indonesia is dominated by MSMEs. The MSME sector contributed 60.51 percent of the economy to gross domestic product (GDP) and 60.03 percent of national investment. In addition, MSMEs also contributed to exports by 15.65 percent.

"Seeing how important the contribution of MSMEs is to the Indonesian economy, Customs and Excise are committed to continuing to support the empowerment of MSMEs with assistance and coordination with relevant ministries or institutions so that MSME products penetrate the export market," concluded Hatta.

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