Bengok Craft, Products Made with Water Hyacinth Materials Goes Worldwide

- 31 May 2022 16:26 WIB
Bengok Craft
Bengok Craft


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Bengok Craft, an MSME from Semarang, participated in the exhibition at TIIWG G20 at Alila Hotel Solo at the end of March.

By carrying water hyacinth, Bengok craft has succeeded in turning the wild plants in Rawa Pening into a high-value product.

Water hyacinth, which is a plant that is considered a weed, turned out to be transformed by Firman Setiaji into a product that was able to reap tens of millions of rupiah in profits.

Firman who has a degree in Criminology at Universitas Indonesia has made their products able to penetrate Europe, Asia, and even America.

"In addition to Indonesia, our products have penetrated overseas, Europe, Singapore, and so on. I have been to the exhibition many times. We hope that the G20 Summit, which Indonesia will host will make Indonesian MSMEs more attractive," Firman said in a press release on Sunday, May 29, 2022.

Firman said that he has created more than a dozen types of craft products. Such as clothes, sandals, cellphone cases of various types and brands, bags, hats, books, and so on.

“My favorite so far are tote bags, cellphone cases, hats, and apron. We sometimes run out,” said Firman.

For the price of the product itself, Firman sets a price range from tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

"Depending on the level of difficulty, just adjust it, if the cheapest are key chains and bracelets, at least Rp 10 thousand or Rp 20 thousand," he said.


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