Blibli and Jumpstart Collaborates On First Smart Vending Machine Selling Curated MSME Products

- 25 May 2022 18:27 WIB
Blibli and Jumpstart collaborated to launch the first vending machine in Indonesia.
Blibli and Jumpstart collaborated to launch the first vending machine in Indonesia.

JAKARTADAILY.ID — Blibli and Jumpstart collaborated to launch the first vending machine in Indonesia that offers the best variety of MSME products assisted by Blibli.

The collaboration of the two technology companies under the auspices of GDP Ventures was introduced through the Locale Pop Up event located on the 3rd floor, East Mall Grand Indonesia from May 23, 2022, to June 12, 2022.

Andreas A Paramaditya, VP of Galeri Indonesia, Blibli, said this collaboration provides a new experience for customers to get the best variety of local products as well as complementing the omnichannel marketing channel for MSMEs in growing their business.

“Currently, the omnichannel approach to commerce is the best way to provide the best shopping experience for customers. Where this collaboration is a new way for MSMEs to be able to market their products through an innovative, efficient approach and also provide a practical experience for customers in getting the best and unique local products,” said Andreas in a press release on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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Jumpstart CEO, Brian Imawan said, as the first smart vending machine company in Indonesia, Jumpstart's presence answers one of the biggest challenges for MSMEs to market through the presence of efficient physical stores for business actors.

 “We have high hopes to be able to support the growth of Indonesia's leading MSMEs through our business model. We hope that more innovative vending machines can be present in various strategic locations so that they can expand the marketing area and be closer to the market," said Brian Imawan.

Locale Pop Up is an initiative that supports the digitization of local products and Indonesian MSMEs, including fostering the spirit of #BanggaBuatanIndonesia in the hearts of the people.

The first exhibition from Locale Pop Up presented four vending machines, consisting of a coffee machine, a photo booth, and also the best variety of products from local MSMEs.

Through this vending machine, visitors can find a variety of food and beverage products and there are 180 product variants from 36 MSMEs assisted by Blibli.

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