Ministry of Religion Supports Domestic Products Through Free Halal Certificate (Sehati) Program

- 15 April 2022 22:02 WIB
Secretary General of the Ministry of Religion Nizar
Secretary General of the Ministry of Religion Nizar

JAKARTADAILY.ID -- The government is intensively promoting the increase in the use of domestic products (P3DN).

In addition to spurring the economy back on, it is hoped that this will also trigger the development of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE).

"The Ministry of Religion strongly supports this P3DN program, and one of the concrete steps is to issue free halal certificates for MSEs in the Free Halal Certificate (Sehati) program," said Secretary General of the Ministry of Religion Nizar in Jakarta, Thursday (14/4/2022).

"In 2022, the Ministry of Religion targets 10 million halal-certified MSE products. This is an effort to increase people's purchasing power and also provide a sense of security for the community for the use of domestic products," he continued.

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According to Nizar, the Sehati program is being taken seriously by the Ministry of Religion.

In addition to free certification, the Ministry of Religion also conducted training for 100,000 halal product process assistants to support self-declaring MSE products.

"The Ministry of Religion also provides halal education and literacy for MSEs, exports halal products, cooperates with marketplaces to place merchants for MSE halal products and conducts campaigns to buy halal products with the hashtag #beliyanghalal," said Nizar.

"We are fully confident that with this halal certificate, the use of halal products in the country can increase and the economy can bounce back," concluded Nizar.


Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: Kemenag


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