Indonesian Public Switches to Vivo as State-Owned Pertamina Raises Gas Prices

- 06 September 2022 12:20 WIB
One of 15 Vivo gas stations in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tanggerang. (Photo/Screenshot @spbuvivoenergyid)
One of 15 Vivo gas stations in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tanggerang. (Photo/Screenshot @spbuvivoenergyid)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Indonesian public is switching to the Swiss-owned Vivo gas station as Pertamina raises the price of the subsidized Pertalite fuel.

The Indonesian government officially raised the price of fuel on Saturday, September 3, 2022, meanwhile Vivo maintains its lower prices.

Many are now looking for locations of Vivo gas stations to buy the Revvo 89 fuel, a product with a similar octane count to Pertamina's Pertalite fuel. 

After the increase, the cost of Pertalite fuel is now at Rp 10,000 per liter, Diesel is Rp 6,800 per liter, and Pertamax is Rp 14,500 per liter.

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Meanwhile, the Vivo gas station sells Vivo Revvo 89 fuel which is similar in quality to Pertalite at a price of Rp 8,900 per liter.

The Revvo 92 is priced at Rp 15,400 per liter and the Revvo 95 for Rp 16,100 per liter.

Quoted from Instagram @spbuvivoenergyid, Vivo's RON 89 fuel meets the specifications of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

"The RON 89 fuel also still meets the specifications set by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas (Dirjen Migas) which is a minimum of RON 88," write @spbuvivoenergyid on September 5, 2022.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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