Muhammad Wafid A.N. Appointed Acting Director General of Mineral and Coal in Indonesia

- 08 June 2023 12:08 WIB
 (Photo courtesy of ESDM)
(Photo courtesy of ESDM)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resource Minister, Arifin Tasrif, has appointed Muhammad Wafid A.N. as the new acting director general of mineral and coal. Wafid, a former expert staff on environmental space, is considered well-suited for the role.

In a letter dated May 31, 2023, Minister Tasrif explained the urgency of appointing an acting director general, as Rida Mulyana, the secretary general of the Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry, had reached the retirement period on June 1, 2023. The appointment of an acting director general would ensure the smooth execution of tasks until the official appointment is made.

During Wafid's tenure as the acting director general of mineral and coal, he is instructed not to make any strategic decisions or take actions that may impact the legal state changes of the organization, its employees, or budget allocations.

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According to a report by, Wafid has an extensive career within the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. He previously served as the Head of Geological Survey and the Head of the Research and Development Center for Oil and Gas Technology. In addition, he led the ministry's program on mineral resources and coal development as Director.

Wafid holds a doctorate in earth and planetary science from Kyoto University in Japan, showcasing his strong qualifications in the field.

The appointment of Muhammad Wafid A.N. as the acting director general of mineral and coal demonstrates the Indonesian government's commitment to maintaining effective leadership and expertise within the Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry during the transitional period.

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