PLN Implements 'De-dieselization' Program to Accelerate Energy Transition in Indonesia

- 29 May 2023 11:07 WIB
Director of Transmission and System Planning for PLN speaking at the Just Energy Transition Investment Forum on  Sunday, May 28, 2023.
Director of Transmission and System Planning for PLN speaking at the Just Energy Transition Investment Forum on Sunday, May 28, 2023.

JAKARTADAILY.ID –  In line with the commitments made at the G20 Summit in Bali last year, PLN, Indonesia's state-owned electricity company, is actively implementing the de-dieselization program for fossil fuel power plants and constructing new renewable energy (EBT)-based power plants.

These initiatives are part of the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), which aims to support Indonesia's energy transition program.

Evy Haryadi, the Director of Transmission and System Planning at PLN, emphasized the importance of the agreement signed between the Indonesian government and JETP during the G20 Summit.

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This agreement ensures funding for green programs in member countries. Speaking at the 'Equitable Energy Transition Investment Forum' held at PLN's headquarters in Jakarta, Evy stated, "PLN plays an important role in Indonesia's energy transition to clean energy. One of the strategic initiatives undertaken by PLN as a concrete step towards net-zero emissions is the implementation of the de-dieselization program."

The de-dieselization program faces challenges due to the large number of power plants located in remote areas. PLN is working on developing the right strategies from both economic and technological perspectives to transition these power plants.

As part of the short-term program, PLN plans to establish 0.2 GW of solar-powered generators (PLTS) in 94 different locations, with an estimated investment of USD 700 million. PLN's sub-holdings, PLN Nusantara Power and PLN Indonesia Power are actively seeking strategic partnerships to ensure the success of the de-dieselization program.

Edo Mahendra, the Secretary of JETP, revealed that the organization has been diligently planning the allocation of a USD 20 billion commitment over the past six months (February to August 2023).

JETP aims to facilitate the swift implementation of energy transition programs designed by member countries. Mahendra expressed gratitude for the support and commitment received from the international community in this endeavor.

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The de-dieselization program and the construction of renewable energy generators by PLN are considered pilot projects within JETP. As such, JETP pledges full support to ensure the success of the de-dieselization program.

Mahendra urged collaboration, stating, "Let's make this program a success. Because only by working together can this project be realized. The success of this project will serve as a showcase and reference for future energy transition programs."

PLN's efforts to de-dieselize fossil fuel power plants and develop renewable energy infrastructure represent a significant step toward achieving Indonesia's goal of net-zero emissions by 2060. With the support of JETP and strategic partnerships, PLN is well-positioned to drive the energy transition and create a greener future for the country.

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