Propan Raya Ready to Provide Training and Painting Practice for IKN Nusantara Construction Workers  

- 01 September 2022 13:49 WIB
Propan Raya paint company said that they are ready to provide painting training to construction workers that will build the new capital. (Photo/Propan raya)
Propan Raya paint company said that they are ready to provide painting training to construction workers that will build the new capital. (Photo/Propan raya)


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Propan Raya, an Indonesian paint company, is ready to provide training on painting technology in the Training and Certification of Construction Workers for the Preparation of Infrastructure Development for the National Capital City (IKN) Nusantara.

Previously, Propan Raya was selected as one of the Strategic Partners of Construction Services of the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) in the IKN Construction Development.

Director of Propan Raya, Yuwono Imanto explained the readiness of the company founded by Doctor Hendra Adidarma in 1979. According to Imanto, his party is ready to provide painting training.

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Propan Raya is ready to collaborate with the Ministry of PUPR to provide training related to painting for Construction Workers at IKN Nusantara. We will not only teach theory but also direct practice in the field so that Construction Workers can apply directly to IKN development," said Yuwono in a written statement, quoted on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Imanto said, as an Indonesian company owned, it is an honor for Propan Raya to be able to collaborate to build IKN Nusantara by providing training, especially in the field of painting technology.

This is because no matter how good the design, finishing paint has a very important role in influencing the appearance of a building.

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Imanto said that apart from the general public, Propan Raya's various products have also been widely used in government projects. He gave an example, Propan Raya paint is used for painting buildings and historic buildings in Indonesia.

"Propan Raya paint has been used for the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK) project, Soekarno Hatta Airport, the renovation of the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII), the Istiqlal Mosque, PUPR flats, various universities, various schools, to toll road painting projects," said Imanto.

It is planned that 2022-2024 is the initial stage of IKN development where at this stage there will be the development of the main infrastructure (Central Government Core Area / central government core area) and housing in the main IKN areas along with basic infrastructure.

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"So the preparation of the construction workforce is the right first step for the development of IKN," said Imanto.


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