PT Synthesis Karya Pratama Hosts Discussion on the Effect of Inflation on Property Investment in East Jakarta

- 01 September 2022 09:38 WIB
Property observer Indra W Antono (center) Synthesis Karya Pratama/Synthesis Huis) and Managing Director Synthesis Huis, Aldo Daniel (far right) speaking in the discussion on  Thursday, August 31, 2022. (Special/Synthesis Huis)
Property observer Indra W Antono (center) Synthesis Karya Pratama/Synthesis Huis) and Managing Director Synthesis Huis, Aldo Daniel (far right) speaking in the discussion on Thursday, August 31, 2022. (Special/Synthesis Huis)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Inflation in Indonesia is on the rise following the increase in world oil prices. Property observer Indra W. Antono said that if inflation continues to increase, the impact that will be felt on the property sector is the increase in land prices and building materials.

Therefore, he suggested that now is the right time for the community and millennials to buy property.

"So, before inflation accelerates and becomes a threat, the price of land and materials rises, we must motivate the wider community, including millennials, to immediately own property. Because if they don't, it will be difficult for them to own a house from now on," said Indra in a property media discussion held by PT Synthesis Karya Pratama, the developer of Synthesis Huis, on Thursday, August 31, 2022.

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Speaking in the discussion with titled "Inflation in Front of  Our Eyes, Time to Buy Property" Idra said that owning property should be a priority for the community, especially millennials. Whether it is a place to live or as an investment.

“It should be noted that property prices never go down and owning a house must be a priority. I emphasize, that now is the right time to immediately buy a house," said Indra.

According to Indra, to be able to market property in the post-pandemic period, developers must be observant in knowing the needs and trends of the market in choosing property.

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Therefore, market research is needed, taking an approach, detailing daily habits or behavior in activities, and analyzing the environment in depth, including innovating from the digital side. These results will affect product development.

From his analysis, Indra explained that Synthesis Huis is a residential area that has made innovations in various ways according to consumer needs. The presence of Synthesis Huis in Cijantung is very appropriate.

In addition to being strategic, the East Jakarta area also has fairly high investment potential, it is just that it has not been boosted evenly. Not only that, but the design offered is also attractive to be a residential choice.

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"The hype in the East Jakarta area needs developers who carry out and inform massively, this is a challenge that must be carried out and considered by developers," he said.

Managing Director of Synthesis Huis, Aldo Daniel said that in the last two years his party has tried to do various ways, including maximizing the design, arranging the residential environment as comfortably as possible, including expressing the overall concept.

“The housing that we offer is not only targeting young families but also trying to be the right choice for millennials. In fact, we deliberately adopted a Scandinavian architectural style to create the impression of a contemporary residence that prioritizes the function of space according to the needs of current activities, "he explained.

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Aldo said that the Synthesis Huis residential area was oriented toward public transportation or Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Later, the TransJakarta busway mode can be directly accessed by residents, because there will be a bus stop in the Synthesis Huis area.


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